This was a wonderful project to work on.  This video was made in early days of the Covid-19 pandemic.   Tasked with creating something one of a kind and memorable, but with limited time and no budget, we shipped off green screens, virtually directed through zoom, and welcomes all the volunteer acting talent from our colleagues.  Enjoy!

The work! 
Original music, audio, animations, motion graphics, editing, writing, produciton, direction, animation, and more.
The one exception is that I didn’t work on the “Your Library” sketch outsite of editing and the title card.  Check the ending credits for more details.

The medium
After Effects, FL Studio, Premiere Pro, Audition, Photoshop, and Cinema 4d

More Details...

We were in the middle of building out our new studio when the pandemic hit and we got the word from on high that construction of any kind would be halted indefinitely.   After much uncertainty about what the future held, our team was assigned the task of “creating the best library video ever!”, but with one major catch - everything had to be done completely virtual.  After a very long preproduction meeting it was decided we would create a video that mimiced the experience of flipping through channles on a TV circa 1999.