KRAZAM! is a casual VR physics-based puzzle game - it takes a fun and quirky approach to the puzzle genre by putting you in the mind of the people who you interact with on the assumption that yout going to be helping to break down some of their emotional baggage.

The Work
Game Design, Gameplay Programming, Modeling, Animation, Puzzle Design, and Level Design.

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Game Design

During the Bitcamp Hackthon my teammates and I were trying to come up with an interesting VR or AR game.  With only 72 hours we spent a good chunk of time ideating and talk through several ideas like AR tetris this scanned the room you were in and fill it with Tetriminos or perhaps a life size Bust-a-move.  We eventually thought about Jenga and that led us to remember Boom Blox for the Nintendo Wii.  That was the spark we needed and rest fell into place.

It was going to be a VR puzzle game where you could move around towers of blocks and use a gun of sorts to topple the towers in the fewest shots possible.  We included special blocks that would create dynamic interactions with each other and lead to more interesting puzzle possibilities.  The original story concept of the game was that KRAZAM! is a game everyone knows and loves and all you need is the KRAZGun and you can play KRAZAM! anywhere.  By booting up the KRAZGun it would assemble or create block-like objects from the random things in your surroundings.  This would let us create different layouts and environments and introduce new puzzle concepts more easily.

Updated Puzzle Footage

After the Hackathon was concluded, we continued to work on KRAZAM! evolving it further to give it some more depth.  The story of KRAZAM! shifted significantly to take on a whole life of its own.  In the newer version of KRAZAM you were a shady therapist that used the KRAZGun to enter people's minds and solve puzzles to help them “bring down emotional barriers” or relieve someone of their emotional baggage.  What your patients don’t know is that the powers of the gun originate from a mischievous long forgotten deity named Krazule.  It was heavily inferred that all may not by what it seemed.  To speak to Krazule you would shoot the KRAZGun into your face.  Despite Krazules unknown intentions he still guides the player through the tutorials of the game.

The project got it's start at the Bitcamp Hackathon and then continued growing as a passion project making appearances in various expos like Rooster Teeth Expo and Magfest.

Some Models from KRAZAM!

Screenshots from Alpha Version

Promotional Poster Created for Conventions

Original illustration created by L Boren.

Current audio tracks recorded and produced for Krazam!